Under Hood Technician CC

Automotive Department | C.P.C.C. Career Pathway Certificate of Completion | Less than one year

Earn your Under Hood Technician certificate at Clackamas Community College and learn the skills needed to gain entry-level employment in the automotive industry.

Take a step towards your future with an Under Hood Technician certification from Clackamas Community College. You can learn the skills necessary to gain an entry-level position in the automotive field and for an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification in A1, A6, A7, A8, C1 and L1 specified areas in real world working conditions from trained and experienced instructors. Contact the department to schedule a tour and learn more about the program!

Need auto repair for your car?

Simply fill out our Automotive Repair Application and return it back to us. All vehicles used in our academic automotive programs are selected by instructors depending on their individual training needs. Contact Jessica Matthews at jessem@clackamas.edu or 503-594-3049 if you have any questions.

Under Hood Technician CC

Job Outlook
Description and Outcomes

Under Hood Technician Core Requirements

Complete WLD-102 or AB-112
  • AB-112
  • Collision Repair Welding I
  • 2
  • WLD-102
  • Introduction to Welding
  • 2
Complete the following Core Requirements
  • AM-121
  • General Auto Repair I
  • 3
  • AM-122
  • General Auto Repair II
  • 3
  • AM-129
  • Electrical Systems
  • 7
  • AM-133
  • Engine Systems
  • 7
  • AM-224
  • Comfort Systems
  • 4
  • AM-228
  • Service Shop Management
  • 4
  • AM-243
  • Fuel & Emission Control Systems
  • 7
  • AM-244
  • Advanced Electrical Systems
  • 7

ASE Alignment

AM-129 and AM-244 align with ASE A6 Electrical/Electronic Systems
AM-133 aligns with ASE A1 Engine Repair
AM-224 aligns with ASE A7 Heating & Air Conditioning
AM-228 aligns with ASE C1 Automobile Service Consultant
AM-243 aligns with ASE A8 Engine Performance, and L1 Advanced Engine Performance Specialist
Total Credits Required: 44

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