CCC Foundation

The Mission

For more than 50 years, the Clackamas Community College Foundation has existed to raise friends and funds to support a diverse body of students and instruction at Clackamas Community College (CCC).

At the core of our mission is the genuine belief that education should be adaptive to meet students where they are in their personal journeys and that it can provide pathways allowing all people to receive a quality education despite their circumstances. The members of the Foundation desire that every willing and hard-working student knows the support of the generous CCC community—a community that believes in them and is committed to equipping them with resources to attain their educational goals.


Students and Oregon Veterans

CCC educates an average of 25,000 students per year from both urban and rural areas of Oregon.

Research shows that 60% of all students who come from low-income households fail to complete their education, dropping out after their first few academic terms simply because they lack the finances to pay for tuition and purchase required course materials.

More than 90% of CCC students who receive financial support through the Foundation are low-income students who are usually the first in their families to attend college. Eighty percent of these students either work full-time or take on several part-time jobs while balancing family and personal commitments while enrolled. A recent study revealed that 30% of our students struggle with food insecurity, meaning students and their families must decide between paying for food or tuition.

The Foundation is also proud to support Oregon veterans who are seeking to shift their careers after service to our country through additional training at CCC, but many of our veterans lack the resources to stay enrolled. Visit the Clackamas Community College's Veterans Center.

The Foundation’s board, staff and partnering philanthropic community seek to remove these economic barriers so anyone enrolled at CCC has a pathway to educational success.

Our Philanthropic Capacity

The primary way of accomplishing this goal is by building scholarships that help students complete their programs. Annual and endowment-funded scholarships make a tremendous difference in students’ ability to finish college. The Foundation holds nearly $20 million in endowment assets, supporting students with full-ride scholarships, emergency funding and program support for quality instruction.

Because of our generous donors, in the last 10 years, the scholarship program has increased by 234% through endowments, generating $14.4 million in total scholarship awards to students.

Our success is centered on immediate impact, understanding that CCC is the most affordable higher education institution in the Portland metro area and second most affordable in Oregon. Our Foundation and incredible body of donors know their educational investment has compounding effects on generations while making an immediate difference in students’ lives today.

Are You In?

Will you join our community-wide effort to support education at CCC? Will you afford hard-working college students the opportunity to achieve their dreams? Will you collaborate with us to build a legacy that generates robust workforce programs and student services that place people in new careers? Are you All in for Cougars? Your partnership is needed and deeply valued as we seek to change lives together through Education that Works.

Moving Students Forward