History of the Environmental Learning Center

The Environmental Learning Center at Clackamas Community College represents something different to everyone. Some see it as a place to stroll and commune with nature. Some see it as an outdoor learning laboratory. And others see it as a pioneer in recycling.

The Environmental Learning Center is entering a new phase with the restoration of the headwaters of Newell Creek on the CCC Oregon City campus.

Concurrent with the restoration plans, CCC undertook an extensive community engagement initiative, the Environmental Learning Center Historical Preservation Project. Community members, students, faculty and staff were invited to share memories, hopes and dreams for the future of the site.

"The Environmental Learning Center has been a valued community resource for more than 40 years," CCC President Joanne Truesdell said. "As we move into the future, we rely on our community to help us bring this vision to reality."

Reports and Materials

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