Hands-on education at the Environmental Learning Center

Please note that due to restoration projects at the Environmental Learning Center, access will be limited during construction.

For many years, Clackamas Community College's Environmental Learning Center has offered exciting opportunities to learn through hands-on, interactive activities that are both educational and fun. Upon completion of the restoration projects, the Environmental Learning Center will once again offer a variety of educational programs.

By working with partnering community organizations, we expect to bring the Environmental Learning Center’s educational mission back to life. Just imagine the possibilities! Field trips and workshops for all, from pre-K through college students, to teachers and the general public.

The site is open until restoration begins in the summer of 2017, but program offerings will be limited until restoration is complete (by the following year).

Stay posted for information on new programming that will start in the winter of 2018. We hope that you and your students will join us at the Environmental Learning Center to discover our wetland environment and its cooling forest. Come learn about stormwater management, water quality, native plants and animals on this beautiful 5-acre site.

We look forward to your visiting soon!

For more information about opportunities to visit, or to discuss program ideas, please contact Renee Harber at rharber@clackamas.edu or 503-594-3015.