Industrial Technology Center

Here's what the Industrial Technology Center will be like when it's finished:

  • Building size: 44,424 square feet
  • New 120-space parking lot
  • Increased teaching, training and partner space
  • High-bay space to accommodate specialized equipment for industrial technology
  • Flexibility to meet changing training needs for regional partnership programs
  • Industry partner space
  • Advanced computer labs
  • Informal learning/study spaces
  • General classrooms

Project Description

The $28-million project, which will be completed spring term of 2018, is funded through a voter-approved bond as well as an $8-million match from the state of Oregon. The 44,242-square-foot building will increase teaching, training and partner space, as well as have the flexibility to meet the changing training needs of regional partnership programs.

There will be large bays for machinery with classrooms and offices on the first and second floors, and there is an option to add another building to the east as programs expand and the college grows.

The project includes the redesign of the adjacent parking lot as well as a new entry plaza to the campus and improved pedestrian access through the parking lot. Another site improvement will be a better connection to the pedestrian path to Oregon City High School.

Fast Facts

The Renewable Energy Technology Lab opens to an exterior covered workspace, the Flex Lab contains a range of robotics and trainers, and the high bay shop spaces are connected to classrooms and an informal learning area.

ITC project guiding principles:

  • Daylighting
  • Connection
  • Flexibility
  • Designing a building that teaches
  • Expansion
  • Solar and renewable energy production
  • ETO Path to Net Zero

The ITC is registered for the Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO) Path to Net Zero Program.

The Team Oregon motorcycle training lot is included in the scope of the parking lot work and the college is exploring options to make the second course in the Orchards parking lot (Brown Lot).

Former CCC manufacturing instructor Chris Rizzo, who passed away in 2015, will be honored in the design of the ITC. He played a significant role in the development of the manufacturing program at CCC. In his honor, vinyl decals of manufacturing parts he created will be included in a memorial near the CNC shop.

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